Practicing Christianity in Hamburg

Intercultural encounters are vital for religions, esp. for Christianity, because intercultural exchange describes the heartbeat of Christianity. Pentecost, the birth of the church, is nothing else but an intercultural exchange. Christianity lives from intercultural encounters, because of its universalism. So it’s obvious that the Christian religious practice must be shaped by intercultural encounters.

Our two church communities – the Lutheran church of St. Georg and the African Christian Church have made it possible for the youths of both church communities to have the experience of learning in an intercultural atmosphere. The second group of our Students will be confirmed on the 7th of May at 11 am in the St. Georg´s Church. We wish to invite you to this occasion.

In anticipation of this event we undertook our final outing with our confirmation students from Friday the 24 to Sunday the 26 of March this year at the youth hostel in Mölln, about an hour’s drive from Hamburg. During these days we had a very intense encounter with the group and where able to reflect on the past two years. The general feeling was that the students appreciated the time spent together and where able to learn a lot about our Christian faith.

As Pastors working together on the project we were very encouraged with the feed backs we received and are preparing for the next group to kick off after the summer holidays. We are looking forward to receiving as many registrations as possible. The classes are opened to all youths from Hamburg, who want have the experience of learning in an intercultural atmosphere.

P. Mansaray