African Center and Church Service in Hamburg

Different colors – One people is our vision of a place, where the future is much closer.

We, a number of African and German churches, are cooperating in this ecumenical project for the benefit of everyone. Together we will build a place where the diversity is the richness of our community. Together we promote integration by participation and we strengthen the African identity in Hamburg.

At African Center Borgfelde Africa is in Hamburg. We get serious with the fact, that we have a common mission and a common responsibility for peace in our beautiful city of Hamburg, independent from denominational and cultural boundaries. We are a place of African hospitality with the objective of intercultural cooperation.

Pastor Peter Sorie Mansaray

Since January 2012 Pastor Peter Sorie Mansaray is the head of the African Centre Borgfelde. The tasks of the pastor are the congregational leadership, pastoral work as well as building and shaping the African Centre. He also plays a mediating role between the African Christian immigrant community and the Evangelical Lutheran church in Hamburg.

Since 2013 the two Hamburg congregations African Christian Church and St. Georg-Borgfelde cooperate conceptually in its committees and working areas. Together they bear the African Centre Borgfelde.

The pastoral care for Africans in Hamburg – founded in 1985 by the Evangelical Lutheran Church – is the origin of the African Centre. Their target is to build up a community structure and to create a Christian contacting and counseling center for African migrants.

Church Activities

The African Centre Borgfelde is a place to go for African migrants. Most of them immigrated many years ago, some live in Germany in the second generation and others have just arrived and hope for a new beginning.

The focus of the center is the exchange between Africans and Germans. Only together can integration happen. To achieve this integration the African Centre offers a variety of projects for Africans as well as for Germans.

Church Services

At the African Center Borgfelde you can choose between two different styles of church services.

There is the International Gospel Service, a cultural mixture of German and African traditions. It’s perfect for intercultural interested and open-minded people. The German-African church service takes place every second Sunday of the month, from 11:00 – 13:00 o’clock.

The African Christian Church and the Christ Ambassadors Ministries International offer a traditional African church service. The target groups are African migrants and Christians with African roots. The African Christian Church services are held on Sundays (except 2. Sunday of the month) at 10:00 am.  The Christ Ambassadors Ministries International services are held on Sundays (except 2. Sunday of the month) at 13:00 pm.

Are you a visitor in Hamburg? Do you speak English and want to worship in a multicultural setting? Then our services at the African Center may be right for you. Please feel free to worship with us.


Afrikanisches Zentrum Borgfelde
Intercultural Pastoral Care

Pastor Peter Sorie Mansaray
Phone/ Fax: 040 27 19 275

Parish office: Sonja Bruhns

Jungestraße 5, 20535 Hamburg

Consultation Hours
Wednesday and Friday: 14:00 – 16:00

As well as personal pastoral care by appointment